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You’ve probably heard that starting a blog is the easiest and the most convenient way to share your knowledge and skills with the world. And when it comes to promoting your business or making money, creating a blog can do wonders.

You don’t need to learn CSS, PHP, HTML or any other intricate language, all you need a WordPress platform that is free, user-friendly and perfect for those who want money with their blogs.

WordPress is one of the most famous publishing platforms and widely used content management systems on the planet, and powers over 28 percent of the web.

Any creator, writer, entrepreneur or digital marketer who wants to monetize their knowledge, creativity, and influence should use WordPress to make money. Even bloggers can make money from their content, online influence and traffic with this amazing tool.

If you have used the world’s most popular content management system WordPress, surely you may want to figure out some legit and easy ways to make money with your WordPress blog.

Since there are many amazing ways by which you can make money with WordPress, but these are the most tried and tested ways to make money online by using WordPress. Try them out!

Sell eBooks or White Papers

eBooks are the digital products that are so popular among internet users, due to their educational nature. If you are a blogger, then you can collect some informational blog posts and interesting statistics and turn them into chapters of an eBook. Once your eBook is ready, you can sell it on WordPress by using a plugin such as Easy Digital Downloads.
Offer Online Courses
Offering an online course is another amazing way to earn money from your blog. If you are an experienced web designer, web developer, digital marketer, or motivational speaker, you can charge a premium for your skills.

Offer a Webinar

Webinars are the effective way to grow your audience, share your experiences and valuable insights that will eventually grow your company. But the interesting thing is, webinars also help you make money.
Just like online courses, you can offer a webinar to your audience. But it is a live conference that includes questions and answer sessions. You can host a paid webinar by using a webinar software. You can either host a webinar or simply advertise your webinar on your website and register participants.